How to Be and Dress Like a Nerd when You’re a Girl

Style For Nerds
Style For Nerds

Are you a nerdy girl who hopes to take your nerd-dom to the next level, or are you just in the mood for a feminine nerd makeover? Whatever your goals are, to be a true female nerd, you’ll have to know how to look and act the part. If you want to learn how to be and dress like a nerd, follow these easy tips.

Style For Nerds
Style For Nerds

Method 1 of 2: Being a Nerd


Think like a nerd. To be a true nerd, you have to know how to think like one. First, you have to understand the positive definition of a nerd. A nerd is not necessarily someone who wears thick glasses, green braces, dorky and mismatched clothes, and loves teachers and homework. A nerd is someone who is exceptionally intelligent or knowledgeable about a certain topic or branch of learning, and who is comfortable expressing that knowledge to other people. Here’s how to think like a nerd:

  • Learn as much as possible. Though nerds tend to be exceptionally smart in one area, they are knowledgable and well-read in general, too. Start by watching the news and reading magazines about science, exploration, or current events. Try to finish a book every week, and occasionally learn about a topic you know nothing about by browsing the Internet or checking out a random book at your local library. As you work on absorbing more information, you’ll find the process gradually becoming easier.
  • Become an expert on what you love. Are you passionate about computers or literature? Whatever it is you like learning about, expand your knowledge as much as possible. For example, if you want to become a literature nerd, try reading Shakespeare and other famous authors, studying their styles. Computer nerd? Read up on the latest software.
  • Be a sharp student. Pay 100% attention at school, no matter what the subject is. Do all your homework and ask questions if you’re curious or don’t understand the class discussion. When you’re reading, mark words you don’t know and look them up in the dictionary later. You’ll find that embracing a nerdy lifestyle will have a positive effect on your grades.
  • Always try to improve your mind. No matter what you’re doing, your quest should be to gain knowledge. If you’re watching television, check out the Discovery or History channel to learn more about nature or past world leaders.
  • Keep a record of the things you learn. Write down all of the things you’ve learned in a journal. You don’t have to be sentimental to keep a diary — you should just write down the things you learned whenever you learn them, and then look over your journal at least once a week to make sure you’re learning new things at a rapid pace.



Act like a nerd. It’s crucial to think like a nerd, but you also need to show the world how nerdy you really are by acting nerdy. A true nerd is not embarrassed of her knowledge and is excited to share new information at any time. A nerd is too busy learning to be self-conscious about what she does or says. Here are a few ways to act like a nerd:

  • Join as many clubs as you can. Join the debate team, French club, international club, and the school newspaper. The more you do, the more you’ll learn. Just make sure you leave enough time for your studies.
  • Be an active student in class. Ask and answer lots of questions in the classroom. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge. Just make sure to give other students a chance so you don’t look like a know-it-all and end up annoying your teacher.
  • Gain insight from your teachers, parents, and peers. If you have more questions for someone who is an expert in a field, don’t ever be afraid to ask. People will be happy to share their knowledge if you ask at the right time. For example, you can ask your parents about the particulars of their jobs.
  • Hang out with nerdy people. To act like a nerd, you should hang out with as many nerds as possible. Nerdy girls don’t spend too much time hanging out with nerds of the opposite sex, but if there’s a nerdy guy you really like, make sure your conversations are centered on nerdy topics, such as computers or insects.
  • Don’t conform. To be a true nerd, you’ll have to march to the beat of your own drummer. If you want to sit alone at lunch to finish a good book instead of chatting mindlessly like everyone else, go for it. If everyone is wearing a sundress because it’s warm but you’d rather wear pants, then don’t let others dictate how you dress.
  • Don’t call too much attention to yourself. A nerdy girl should have confidence, but isn’t desperate to be the center of attention. Walk with confidence with your hands holding your books and your head high, but don’t try to get everyone to look at you. A nerd is confident with who she is and doesn’t need the approval of all of her peers.



Talk like a nerd. Talking like a nerd is just as important as acting and thinking like a nerd. To convince others that you’re a nerd, you’ll have to pay attention to the things you say. You should sound articulate and intelligent whenever you speak. Here’s how:

  • Always remember to speak with proper grammar and an elevated vocabulary. A real nerd is always reading and should show off her impeccable grammar and endless vocabulary.
  • Though a nerd shouldn’t spend too much time texting, if she needs to send an email or communicate some other way through technology, then she should still use formal grammar and punctuation.
  • Avoid slang, contractions, or too much casual phrasing. A true nerd doesn’t sound like everyone else, even if it’s trendy to use certain words.
  • Be articulate. Though a nerd has very sophisticated thoughts, she should express them clearly, so that the people around her aren’t confused.

Method 2 of 2: Dressing Like a Nerd


Have the face of a nerd. Your face will be the first thing people see, and it should let people know that you are a serious thinker and a true nerd. You should groom yourself but also show that you aren’t obsessing over your looks. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go easy on the make-up. Stick to a natural look for your face. Apply a light layer of foundation with lip gloss and maybe a little mascara. Save going all out for special occasions.
  • Remember that being nerdy doesn’t mean being unhygienic. You should still wash your face every day, and wash your hair at least every other day.
  • Find a nerdy hairstyle. Nerdy hair should be simple. You can pull your hair back into a tight ponytail, or let it hang around your face. You can also wear pigtails or a side ponytail. Just make sure to look well-groomed while not spending too much time on your hair and makeup.
    • To maximize your nerdy hairstyle, wear a thick hair scrunchy.
  • Wear the right glasses. Whether you need them or not, horn-rimmed or dark-rimmed glasses can add an extra nerdy flair to your look. Find a pair that works with your face shape.
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    Wear the right clothes. To dress like a nerd, you’ll have to have clothes that are neat, clean, and not too showy. A nerdy girl should always look presentable, but not flashy. Here’s how to find the right nerdy look:

    • Wear loose tops. Try a baggy sweater or a loose, button down shirt. If you wear a tighter top, pick a knitted vest to go over it.
    • Wear simple patterns. A nerdy girl doesn’t spend too much time picking out an ornate shirt. Pick solid, non-flashy colors that are brown, blue, or black, or wear a plaid pattern. Avoid flashy colors like neon or bright pink.
    • Wear simple pants. Your pants shouldn’t be so tight that they’re sexy, or so loose that they’re hanging down. Just pick nice pants that fit well, such as corduroys or black jeans.
    • Wear functional shoes. You don’t usually see nerds wearing stilettos or expensive, trendy boots. Wear what’s easiest and most functional for you, whether it’s sneakers, moon boots, sandals, clogs, or flip-flops.
    • Don’t wear anything that is obviously expensive, or so coordinated that you must have spent hours putting it together.
    • Raid your mom’s closet for a retro nerdy look.


Have the right nerd accessories. Though a true female nerd doesn’t have a lot of trendy accessories, there are a few things she can wear and carry with her to help emphasize how serious she is. Here’s what you should add to your look:

  • A backpack. A nerdy girl always has a few books with her, even if she’s going to the beach.
  • Wear minimal jewelry. A nerdy girl doesn’t waste time putting on a ton of jewelry. If you have a chunky ring that belonged to your grandmother, then you can try it out.
  • A pen and a notepad. A nerdy girl should be ready to write down her thoughts any time.
  • A tape-recorder. If you do better with thinking aloud, carry a tape-recorder so you can always tape your new ideas.
  • A watch. A nerdy girl is prompt and careful, and always knows what time it is so she can show up everywhere a little bit early.

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